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Looking for a resort or a furnished flat near Athens International flight terminal is not simple. We present you a great collection of these apartments, residences, villas that have been chosen by our finest collaborators in areas such as Artemida, Vraona, Spata, Markopoulo, Rafina and various other suburbs nearby the airport.

Invite to the first and also the majority of specialized short-term house rental firm in Greece.
By selecting us, you will have the opportunity to experience an one-of-a-kind remain in among the provided and also totally furnished houses we've offered near Athens International airport terminal. Basically, all our houses, vacation homes and also flats, consisting of studios, sign up with:

A big number of selections in Perfect areas. Right here you can locate versatility, premium appearance & a complete series of property solutions with full privacy and constantly outstanding value for cash close to the sea and also near Athens International airport terminal.

The main advantage of my house is the location: 2km (3 mins by vehicle) from the closest coastline, the huge sandy beach of "8th bus station" as well as also 3 kilometres from several beautiful beaches as well as the centre of Artemida. Almost with an auto or a 3,5 - 5 EUR taxi you are all over in Artemida within 3-5 minutes.

I am enthusiastic regarding servicing people as I understand quite possibly just how nice is to be served.

Used to travel as well as operate in various countries providing my solutions to individuals perpetuity via.
Love to cruise, take pleasure in the Greek method lifestyle and also constantly with wonderful company as well as pals.

Researching and executing hospitality considering that lengthy years I will be greater than delighted to servicing you as your host.

With a coastline that extends for many kilometers its surprise everyone comes right here to swim and sunbath at the sandy coastline.
The sea is shallow so makes it optimal for families with toddlers while the beach. What there are facilities with chairs, umbrellas, showers, various coffee shop as well as restaurants.

Ok, everyone comes right here for the coast however what about the town? The centre teems with countless buildings of house, the majority of them lack in building design. The seaside ave has plenty of eateries, cafes as well as shops and during high period thousands of automobiles looking for a complimentary location for vehicle parking.
Individuals of Athens began to find for the shore because of the distance with the funding although it's outstanding the this was just a little village till the late 70s. Functioning course people began to develop summer season residences below and also in our days the town has concerning 18.500 long-term occupants, so now is one of the greatest towns in east Attica. It's not any longer just a summer season resort yet the commercial center of the basic location that additionally comprise Spata community.

The basic location include several backwoods filled with wineries.

Those that are not interested about the coast they much better drive to Vraona.

Artemida lies at at the eastern coast of Attica, 25km eastern from Athens, 9km east from Spata, 6km southern from Rafina port.

From Athens we just drive via K.Karamanli avenue that goes through Spata. When you reach the sea you can adhere to the coastal roadway on the left as well as look for a totally free auto parking area anywhere near the coastline.

The majority of people that go there for the Agios Nikolaos coastline usage bus # 305 from Nomismatokopio metro terminal. Bus # 304 (likewise from Nomismatokopio) ends up at Vraona area. Neighborhood districts are served by # 322 (Ag.Kyriaki) and # 323 (Vraona).
In instance you have no car and also desire to move by taxi (which is the most effective means) we have the best and most inexpensive taxi solution to present to you, after a lot of tests as well as trials we did. Taxi is low-cost in Greece, but please ask us, as we will certainly present you to the best, less expensive and fastest taxi service of Periklis with greater than 13 taxi fleet offered.
This is the taxi fleet we like for all our customers from/to the flight terminal, Athens website seeing as well as local actions, as additionally bringing you products you desire in your home.

With a coastline that goes for several kilometers its no surprise every person comes here to swim and also sunbath at the sandy beach.
The sea is superficial so makes it excellent for family members with small children while the coastline. What's more there are centers with chairs/umbrellas/showers, numerous coffee shop as well as dining establishments.

Ok, everybody comes below for the beach but what concerning the town? The centre contains countless buildings of residence, the majority of them do not have in building design (image 1). The coastal opportunity (picture 2) has lots of shops, coffee shops as well as dining establishments and throughout high season thousands of vehicles trying to find a free place for car parking.
It's remarkable the this was simply a tiny village until the late 70s yet athenians started ahead for the coastline as a result of the closeness with the capital. Working class individuals began to develop summer season homes below and also in our days the community has about 18.000 occupants, so now is among the biggest communities in east Attica. It's not any longer just a summertime resort but the business epicenter of the general location that also consist of Spata town.

The general location include numerous backwoods packed with wineries.

Those that are not interested only regarding the coastline they far better drive to Vravrona for the ancient gallery and also the ruins of the temple of Artemis.

In between Loutsa and also Porto Rafti is the town of Vravrona or Vraona, recognized for the large 4 star resort Hotel-Spa Mare Nostrum. Its likewise recognized for the 6th Century BC Temple of Artemis in a stunning setup right by the crossroads from Markopoulo. Monday it is shut, in truth I should always go by there on Mondays because the last three times I have seen it I have had to take pictures from the opposite of the fencing. Yet it is one of those peaceful wonderful places you locate around Greece and to make it much more attractive the area around it has really little if any development. Its all farms, vinyards, olive and also fig trees along with rocks and also shrubs, trees and also wild plants and appears like much of Attika used to look like. If you have some additional time in Athens I would certainly recommend maybe going to a vineyard or 2, taking a swim at Avlaki, quiting at the temple and afterwards having lunch either in Loutsa.

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